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mx287 init gpio failure

Question asked by h k on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by h k

I try to use the MFG tool to burn my board, but every time, the tool stops working when kernel tries to initialize gpio( through calling function mx28_gpio_init ),

So I print several trace in the function call process, and I find every time it stops in for loop( at this time, port->id is 4, namely the last bank, and the loop index i value is 27) in function mxs_add_gpio_port.

The kernel version is, and MFG tool is

By the way, my board only has VDD5V power, so I enable the macro NO_DCDC_BATT_SOURCE in power_prep.c( in MFG tool source). I don't know if VDD_LI-ION
pin has something to do with the gpio initialization failure.


Anyone can help?  Thanks in advance!