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About Hard iron offset compensation.

Question asked by Dav Jo on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Mark Pedley


I have a question about Hard iron, Soft iron offset compensation.


if i understood exactly.

To compensate Hard iron, I have to give a movement to magnetometer like picture. and This is the first and last time i will do

To compensate Soft iron, the SW have to be executed using a Task( void MagCal_task(uint32_t task_init_data) ) and This is lasting 1 time/min until Power down




1. if I do compensation of Hard iron offset at power up, i don't need to compensate Hard iron offset again. is it right?

2. if it is right, After compensation of Hard iron, and  if I write the Hard offset variable to NVM Before Power down , I don't need to compensate Hard iron offset forever?( even after board rebooting)


Thank you