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Sharing pins with PE 3.0.1 and KDS 3.0.0

Question asked by Michael Goudey Employee on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by Hans-Friedrich Gasser

I'm trying to enable pin sharing in KDS v3.0.0 with associated PE version 3.0.1.  My target device is MK22FN512.  I was able to get this working with KDS v2.0.0 and its associated Processor Expert, but it doesn't seem to work in KDS3.


PEx_for_Kinetis_User_Manual.pdf has section 3.3.8 on pin sharing.  There is no Expert mode any more, so the documentation is not up to date.  I'm unable to see the pop-up Pin Sharing menu option under a peripheral pin.


Is this still possible with PE 3.0.1?  I try setting ConnectPin Method to "generate code" and it doesn't help.



Michael Goudey