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Sharing pins with PE 3.0.1 and KDS 3.0.0

Question asked by Michael Goudey Employee on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2016 by Ben Hefner

I'm trying to enable pin sharing in KDS v3.0.0 with associated PE version 3.0.1.  My target device is MK22FN512.  I was able to get this working with KDS v2.0.0 and its associated Processor Expert, but it doesn't seem to work in KDS3.


PEx_for_Kinetis_User_Manual.pdf has section 3.3.8 on pin sharing.  There is no Expert mode any more, so the documentation is not up to date.  I'm unable to see the pop-up Pin Sharing menu option under a peripheral pin.


Is this still possible with PE 3.0.1?  I try setting ConnectPin Method to "generate code" and it doesn't help.



Michael Goudey