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P2020 Getting Started

Question asked by Pat Mintram on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Mathias Parnaudeau


I am new to developing on the P2020 and am having difficulty with getting started. I am using the STKP2020 Development Board for this.


  1. I have got it successfully communicating via TeraTerm and I can happily browse through the directories etc. My problem comes when I turn the device off - I lose all my work! It doesn't seem to store anything when it is powered down.
  2. I have used the SDK supplied by Freescale to compile a 'Hello World' program, but when it comes to sending the binary file to the P2020 nothing seems to be working. I have tried using TeraTerm's File>Send File... option, but it seems to cut out half way through. I have also attempted to use SSH SCP, however the linux distribution pre-loaded onto the P2020 doesn't have many commands installed. 'sudo' 'apt-get' 'ssh' 'yum', all of them aren't recognized!


Is there an 'idiots guide' to getting started with developing? Have I missed out a step somewhere?


Thank you.