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Question asked by Pat Mintram on Nov 11, 2015



I am new to the P2020 so forgive me if this is a 'silly question'.


I am starting out using the TQMP2020 and the dev board STKP2020. The Linux distribution on it is as it was preloaded.


I have the QorIQ SDK in a Virtual Machine and managed to get a 'helloworld' program running with no issues. I am facing problems when it comes to getting the source files onto my P2020 using TeraTerm - when using the 'file>send file' option the file selected seems to simply print in the TeraTerm window, rather than actually send to the P2020. This is the same for a .txt file.


I have attempted to use ssh to send it over, but simply get the message that 'apt-get' and 'sudo' aren't recognized commands on the P2020.


If anyone has an 'idiots guide' to creating a working program for the P2020 that would be great. Has anyone else faced any other issues like this?


Thank you.