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What are the valid combinations of EEPROM size and FlexNVM partition

Question asked by Iain Rist on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by antonioconcio

I am working on a MK10DX128VFT5. I have read the reference manual concerning the EEESIZE and DEPART fields. There is no mention in the reference manual K10P48M50SF0RM or in the EEPROM application note AN4282 of any disallowed combinations of EEESIZE and DEPART.


However, when I use Processor Expert to set up the linker file for my application, Processor Expert disallows certain combinations (2kB EEPROM and 16kB FlexNVM for example). Why is this? Does Processor Expert know of some undocumented restrictions on the combinations of EEESIZE and DEPART? If not all combinations of EEESIZE and DEPART are valid, where can I find information on the valid set?