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Howto Define a Variable type In Specific Memory Region

Question asked by Tuna Ayan on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by stanish

Dear All,


I am using MPC5644A dev kit. I have a problem about memory relocation.

Is there any way to define "volatile const" variables in predefined memory region with LCF?


I can solve that issue with below example:


#pragma explicit_zero_data on #pragma push #pragma section sconst_Type const_type ".__Cal_DataArea" ".__Cal_DataArea"    const uint8_T acuc_DC_override_en = 1U;   const real32_T acuc_DC_override_val = 0.0F;   #pragma pop


But i dont need that.  Because with that method , i need to write these pragmas before all variables. I have too many variables in different places. So is there any way to wirite on LCF sth and define all volatile consts to specific area?

Thanks all.