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MK20DX128VLH7 Mask 2N36B VLLS3 current too high!

Question asked by Benjamin Bozic on Nov 10, 2015



I try for a few days now to get the sleep current consumption to acceptable level.

We use MK20DX128VLH7 Mask 2N36B. Due to bug on this mask we have to use VLLS3 in place of planed LLS.

Still there is high sleep current a-lot more than expected and used to with kinetis parts.

I really hope there is some error in my code.

KDS is 3.0.0., Processor expert with updates and "mcuoneclipse" add-ons.

PCB is extremely basic. No external peripherals, no LDO... just battery (3.6V minus schottky drop, capacitors...), RF chip removed.

Only 32kHz RTC crystal is used.

When application is loaded and cpu goes to sleep I remove SWD (debug) connection the consumption is sometimes lower then when it wakes-up from sleep.


Now the biggest curiosity. Some parts have around 15-20uA in sleep (cca. 7 of 20 test boards) other from 70-150uA. On one board with high consumption I removed the part and soldered new on in its place and the new one had low consumption cca. 20uA.


I have attached project I use now to figure out the consumption problem.

Can someone test this on newer mask set part like 3N36B?

VLLSx modes should be fully functional in mask set 2N36B, am I wrong?


I would greatly appreciate if someone could review my PE configuration and program flow (it's only 30lines of code in main.c)!


Thank you!

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