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MC1321x question using it.

Discussion created by Josue Balandrano on Feb 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2008 by Chien-Chun Huang
Im currently trying to make a proyect in robotics. What I want to do with Zegbee is preatty simple, just tu control some servo motors and a couple of control lines regarding proximity sensors. The thing is that im a student and Im trying to keep costs low, so i have ordered the MC13212 sample, it arrives tomorrow. But now, how am I suppouse to programm it?, and do I need a Zigbee Stack?, if I do can i Use the TI Z-Stack, condiering it is free. Other thing, if I need a Serial interface to programm the MCU then where can I get a usb-serial cable that can take care of the comunication between the MCU and my Lap. Thank You.