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Pressure Sensor Error Analysis

Question asked by Chris M on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by David Diaz Marin



I'm just going through AN1668 in order to do an error analysis of the MPX2050DP, and I'm unsure has to how some of the error values have been calculated.

AN1668 -


Span Calibration (4% Vfss):  The value is provided in table 2 but it's not mentioned elsewhere in the document.

Temperature Effect on Span (1.5% Vfss): This value appears to differ from the specification value provided in Table 1. Is there a reason why this is so?


Offset Calibration  and  Offset Stability:  These values are also in table 2 but not mentioned elsewhere.

Temperature Effect on Offset: This appears to have been calculated from the value in table 1.



If anyone is able to explain how these values are calculated, that would be great.