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ccs crash

Question asked by regis ROY on Nov 10, 2015


Since we moved from WinXP 32 to Win7 64 on our lab machines CCS server crashes systematically under certain conditions. We tried on our desktop machines wich are also running Win7 64b without any issue. This issue is then surelly linked with an incompatibility with our win7 lab configuration but it is very hard to investigate and we need clues from Freescale.

Here are the facts we observed untill now :

Crash occurs when CodeWarrior connects to local CCS server.

Crash never occurs when CodeWarrior connects remotely (both machines exhibiting issue when using local connection).

Crash occurs with any codewarrior version we tried (PA 10.3.3, PA 10.4.0, PA 10.5, even SC 10.8).

Crash occurs wheher using or machine address, even occurs if routing machine IP address to external router.


I attached ethernet captures showing crash and nocrash tcp conversations(local through external router and remote connections).

Here are the information windows gives when crashing :


Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name: BEX

  Application Name: ccs.exe

  Application Version: 4.13.378.0

  Application Timestamp: 5253c7ae

  Fault Module Name: ccs.exe

  Fault Module Version: 4.13.378.0

  Fault Module Timestamp: 5253c7ae

  Exception Offset: 00023e89

  Exception Code: c0000409

  Exception Data: 00000000

  OS Version: 6.1.7601.

  Locale ID: 1036

  Additional Information 1: 2527

  Additional Information 2: 25275cb55fc0ce5b5a40c9413ff201a6

  Additional Information 3: b4e2

  Additional Information 4: b4e213434f04914959d92a0ce9b9085c


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