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TRK-MPC5606B : System Not Entering DRUN Mode

Question asked by Raghavendra Puranik on Nov 10, 2015
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After generating the firmware and upon compilation i am trying to test it on the Dev board. The system is in endless loop for the below highlighted code in red :

The current mode is always in reset. I tried with the LED Example given along with the DevKit : I compared the generated code and LED example code for clock and the source files were same.

I followed the same procedure mentioned for the FSK_LED_Example.


/* ----------------   PLL Configuration  ------------------- */



    ME.DRUN.R = 0x001F0070;

        /* I/O Power Down Control: Disabled    */

        /* Main Voltage Regulator Control: Enabled    */

        /* Data Flash Power Down Control: Normal    */

        /* Code Flash Power Down Control: Normal    */

        /* System PLL: ON    */

        /* Crystal Oscillator: ON    */

        /* 16MHz IRC: ON    */

        /* System Clock Source: 16MHz IRC    */



        /* Re-enter in DRUN mode to update the configuration */

    ME.MCTL.R = 0x30005AF0;   

        /* Mode & Key */

    ME.MCTL.R = 0x3000A50F;   

        /* Mode & Key  Inverted  */

    while(0x1 == ME.GS.B.MTRANS){};   

        /* Wait for mode entry to complete  */

    while(0x3 != ME.GS.B.CURRENTMODE){};                                                       [Breakpoint Stuck Here]

        /* Check DRUN mode has been entered  */



        /* Wait for PLL to lock - will not lock before DRUN Re-entry  */

    while(0x0 == CGM.FMPLL_CR.B.S_LOCK){};   




Development Board : TRK-MPC5606B

Configuration Tool for Firmware : RappiD Tool

Debugger: Trace 32 and PEMICRO Multi Universal Debugger

IDE : Eclipse

Compiler : GHS Compiler


Could anybody please help me to resolve this issue.


And also send me the required jumper settings to be followed for the TRKMPC5606B because in the kit has no diagram for jumper settings.



Raghavendra P