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Rappid bootloader for s12zvm

Question asked by jasmin rouleau on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Radek Sestak

Hello community !


I'm trying to use the Rappid Boot Loader utility (v1.6.7.26) with the s12zvm without much success.


The target board is the S12ZVML-MINIBRD.


I have programmed the S12ZVM.rbf file into the cpu. I downloaded my application code with the RappidBL software without problems but my application doesn't run.


I dumped the cpu flash to file and I find out that my application is where is should be in flash but the interrupt vectors (0xfffe10 +) are not the same as my application.


Is there any limitations for the application code to use this bootloader ? I added the required data at specific addresses in my application but is there more to do ?