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Recommended USB connector

Question asked by Joey Gouly on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2015 by Joey Gouly

Hi all,


I'm looking for recommendations for good USB connectors for a design using a Kinetis L chip (MKL27Z).


I'm currently basing my design on: HIROSE UX60SC-MB-5S8

I like this connector because it has large mounting holes, making it look quite sturdy.


However, as others have found (Routing USB to Kinetis K20: crossing traces? ) this connector and most others I've seen, you need to swap traces on the board.

D+/D- have to be swapped, and VREGIN also has to cross both data lines.


Can anyone recommend a good USB connector that doesn't have this issue? I am looking for mini USB, but I am also interested in micro USB for future projects.


Also, for traces that will be ~13cm, can someone recommend values for good trace width / trace spacing?

I used Edge Coupled Microstrip Impedance | Electronics and Electrical Engineering Tools | EEWeb Community  to calculate 0.508mm width and 0.254mm spacing would give ~140 Ohms diff impedance. (The recommend is 90 Ohms)