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Problem creating usb task with twrk60d100m kds3.0.0 ksdk 1.3.0

Question asked by Larry York on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Larry York

I am using the mqx "hello" example as a starting point. It compiled and works fine. I then tried to use the guidance provided in How do I setup the debug console to use the Virtual COM port (USB CDC driver)? to have the debug console set to use the USB interface. In addition to what is referenced there I defined BSPCFG_ENABLE_IO_SUBSYSTEM to be 0 which is what triggers DbgConsole_Init() to be called. This leads to USB_Class_CDC_Init() to be called which tries to create a usb task. I have been using TAD to see if there is a stack allocation problem, and what I noticed is that MQX Stack usage window shows data right up to the the point that the usb task gets inserted into the list of tasks. I've narrowed it down to the specific assembly instruction that seems to screw up the MQX Stack usage window. Beyond that, ultimately the usb task never executes.


Here's a screen shot before executing the instruction:


And after:



I can get the virtual com demo project to work correctly, but I can't seem to integrate the virtual com functionality into another example.