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Change IP address while LLMNR running

Question asked by Adrian Rockall on Nov 9, 2015
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I am using MQX via the KSDK 1.3 configured with PEx in KDS 3.0 and built with IAR 7.40.7. I have include an HTTP server, FTP server and LLMNR server from the MQX RTCS and the MQX shell feature.

I have found that if I try to change the IP address via the shell ipconfig command while the LLMNR server is running it upsets the LLMNR server so the name is no longer recognised from hosts. Once in this state no amount of stopping / starting the LLMNR server fixes the issue. The only fix is to reset the board.

However, if I shutdown the server then change the IP address and start the server again all is well.

This leads to a second issue where the shell does not detect an LLMNR server that was started outside the shell as it keeps it's own copy of the LLMNR handle in a static variable. I guess I can get around this by starting the LLMNR server by calling the Shell_llmnrsrv function from my code instead of starting a server using LLMNRSRV_init.

Having the LLMNR server will be a huge benefit if it works well with the dhcp feature so the user is not required to hunt down the assigned IP address of the target and can just use a friendly name instead.


Can anyone can suggest how I can fix the unbinding of the LLMNR server so it can remain running during an IP change?


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