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LPT parallel problem with MPC5xx. MacraigorProtocolPlugin Error

Discussion created by Michael Freimann on Feb 4, 2008
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i bought a Phytec board with a MPC565 on it. This phytec board is connected via a parallel cable into my parallel port, which is an PCMCIA card (Delock 61612). This card generates a LPT1 port in system ports, but has another address than the standard 0x378 lpt address. (has something about FED0)
So, with the Phytec board, a Metrowerks Codewarrior for MPC 5xx Edition V8.1 was included. With this Codewarrior i wanted to debug the sample application , to test the connection. So i started to follow the quick start instructions. I set up the LPT1 port for connection with the "EPPC - MSI Wiggler" debugger with the right FPU Buffer Address and the right Speed. BUT, if i try to debug it, there is the error: "MacraigorProtocolPlugin: Macraigor DLL Error: 0x10 Invalid or unknown parallel port".So because the parallel port is online, but has another address than the standard address the dll can't find the lpt port. I already wrote to Macraigor (because it's there plugin?!), but they refered me to connect Metrowerks (Freescale), because i don't use their debug hardware.
So, my question is, if there is the possibility to change the access to the standard address to my specific address?!

Many thanks in advance,
Michael Freimann