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Question asked by Matteo Davanzo on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Matteo Davanzo

Hi everybody,


I have some trouble with the _io_cdc_serial_read function in the CDC usb host example.




* Function Name    : _io_cdc_serial_read

* Returned Value   : _mqx_int number of characters read

* Comments         :

*    This routine reads characters from the USB serial I/O channel

*    device, converting carriage return ('\r') characters to newlines,

*    and then echoing the input characters.




int_32 _io_cdc_serial_read


      /* [IN] the file handle for the device */

      FILE_CDC_PTR   fd_ptr,


      /* [IN] where the characters are to be stored */

      char_ptr   data_ptr,


      /* [IN] the number of characters to input */

      int_32   num



It is specified that the function returns the "number of characters read". What happens to me is that everytime i call this function the return value is always 1 even if i have more than 1 byte stored by the function in the "data_ptr" location.


For example: i send 5 bytes with _io_cdc_serial_write to a CDC device that send back to the host the same 5 bytes.

then i call:


num_done = _io_cdc_serial_read(f_usb, usb2uart, sizeof(uart2usb))


what i see is that in the usb2uart buffer i have all the 5 bytes received but  num_done = 1.


The opposite function, _io_cdc_serial_write , seems to work properly. I send 5 byte and it returns me the same value as "byte sended".


Any ideas?




Matteo Davanzo