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Read the UART0_D

Question asked by piergiuseppe ranieri on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by dave408

Hi, I'm trying to use the UART0 of the kl25z board. I use the KDS software, I set the interrupt, I send a integer from my computer, and the OnRxChar events start, so a correct character is received and I can see each bit by using the oscilloscope. My problem is that I want to read the recived data, so inside the OnRxChar events i wrote : if (UART0_D = '1'){do something}, but it never goes inside this "if", for any kind of values.I use the EmbSys Registers to control the register and for example I can see the content of the other register like  UART0_C2 UART0_S2 etc, but UARTO_D remain always equal to zero. What can be the problem in your opinion?