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Hard fault when configuring 2-channel FTM on E series

Question asked by Jonathan Guy on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Jonathan Guy

I'm seeing a hard fault exception when configuring FTM0 or FTM1 (both 2 channels) on a MK02Z16 device (also tested on KE06Z with same results).  The same code sequence works fine on FTM2 which 8 channels so not sure if that's a factor.  All of the example code I've found is for FTM2.


The code is simple:





The second line generates a hard-fault.  However writes to certain FTM registers do not generate hard faults (for example a write to the SC register is OK, so it appears that writes to legacy TPM registers are OK).


Is anyone aware of special considerations for FTM0 and FTM1 on E series devices?