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Component specific interrupt on K64 through KDS 3.0

Question asked by Kewal Deshpande on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by David E Seymour

I am trying to get a component specific interrupt. While I have not added the interrupt manager. I wanted to know if I am in the right direction, but I am not able to get an interrupt on that component. To explain this better below are the screenshots.



I have done the pin configuration.


Pin settings.JPG



To get the interrupt on this particular compoent, I modified events


Select event code generate.JPG




Then install interrupt for that particular pin input.






After I hit the generate code, I am able to see the events with a component specific IRQ





But the interrupt is not added in startup_MK64F12.s file where all the interrupts are located. so when the event is generated it falls to Default ISR.



Should we modify the MK64F12.h for the interrupt and then define it in the startup_MK64F12.h to get the interrupt? Is this the right way of doing or is there some setup through which those two files are modified for the installed interrupt through component settings.