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Disabling NMI using the FOPT register (on KL17).

Question asked by Rick Stuart on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Rick Stuart

I am assuming what I need to do to fix my problem is to "Disabling NMI before execution".  But if in reading this you see my true problem, please do speak up!


I am using a KL17 in a situation where I need a GPIO pin more than the NMI.  So I reconfigure pin PTA4 for GPIO.  But when I enable all interrupts (and this only happens when I am debugging) my debugging session "goes south":


Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:18:57: The stack pointer for stack 'CSTACK' (currently 0x20000538) is outside the stack range (0x20002C00 to 0x20003000)


...why this (evidently) dose not happen when I am not debugging (the program sends messages to the UART port and communicates both ways over the SPI port) is a mystery to me.


So, I am assuming disabling NMI will fix this.  Even though I think there is another problem lurking in the wings.


I suspect changes can be made to the startup_MKL17Z644.s file to do this.  But after trying with no positive results (maybe a big endian problem?) we decided it a bit risky to continue with out understanding how this file is laid out.