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i.mx6 SX - MQX with TCP/IP on M4 core

Question asked by johannesstuttner on Nov 6, 2015
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I am trying to implement a real time application on the Cortex M4 side on i.mx6 SoloX Eval Board from Freescale. I already have downloaded the i.mx6 release package of MQX and successfully run the mcc pingpong example application.…


The goal is to implement an IP like communication System, therefore i need a working TCP/IP Stack on the core. In the MQX documentation I found several tutorials how to implement TCP/IP in with the RTCS. Unfortunately the RTCS package is missing in the i.mx6 Version of MQX.


Are there plans to release a patch to bring the full MQX functionality to i.mx6?

Is there a way to easily implement RTCS or any other TCP/IP Stack like lwIP in MQX?