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3.14.28-1.0.0_ga do not builds with uClibc ?

Question asked by Joel Brenner on Nov 6, 2015

Hi all, I just downloaded Yocto/Oe Poky 1.7  3.14.28-1.0.0_ga (following the instruction published on Freescale's i.mx6 website).

Googling around I found that in order ti use uClibc instead of eglibc or glibc I've just to add "TCLIBC = "uclibc" to the local.conf file in the yocto build dir.


It seems that adding "TCLIBC = "uclibc" really forces 3.14.28 to be built using uClibc but unfortunately there are errors during the build process (isn't the case if I remove the TCLIBC option).


Does anyone built  Poky 1.7 with uClibc ?

Does Freescale imx6qsabre poky supports uClibc at all ?


Do I've to do anything more than adding the TLIBC option in the local.conf file to enable uclibc usage ?


Thanks in advance for any help, Joel

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