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K64F Ethernet - lwip problem

Question asked by Paul Fargotstein on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Carlos_Musich

I have a K64F based board that I'm trying to port the tcpecho code example to.  The board runs the stock bare metal tcpecho code fine but I'm trying to bring up the code with PE so I can add other components. I used the steps in the "lwip with FreeRTOS" tutorial that was recently released to configure Ethernet, but to get a build I had to add a pit timer (required by lwip).  The only thing different from the tutorial is I'm not routing the 1588 timer pins as they're used elsewhere.  I'm using the main.c and echo.h files from the original example source and everything builds ok but the code doesn't work.  I have no idea what to set the pit timer interval to and looking at the tcpecho source code didn't help.  Can anybody help on this one?  Is there anything else I should be aware of to get this code running?