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Best way to detect if you have a valid internet connection?

Question asked by Sean MacKay on Nov 5, 2015
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I'm experiencing an issue with my FRDM-K64F board running MQX 4.2.2. I'm building a firmware that depends on internet connections and works through a wireless adapter over the Ethernet port(tiny routers in client mode essentially). But these adapters seem to be inconsistent, losing connection, etc. This in turn leads to my firmware appearing to lock up. I installed a bunch of watchdog timers, but they don't seem to be doing the trick.


I'll need to do some more in depth testing to see what happens when there's no internet connection and why things lock, but in the meantime:


Is there a good way to check if I have a valid connection to the outside world? I'm probably going to put a check in a task, with that if failed will set the device reset bit and let me start again.