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Dead TWR-K65F180M

Question asked by Aaron Campbell on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by Aaron Campbell

I have two TWR-K65F180 boards with identical jumper configurations. One of them works fine, but the other is dead. Here's what I mean by that:

  • When the board is plugged into a PC through the mini USB (J7), no lights turn on and the PC doesn't recognize it. However, the orange LED (D2) lights up as expected when I press the RESET button (SW1).
  • When I hold down RESET while connecting J7 USB, The yellow LED (D3) starts blinking as expected to show that it's in bootloader mode. However, the BOOTLOADER device does not show up in Windows Explorer.


And in case you want even more diagnostics:

  • When I connect the board through the micro-USB (J15), no lights turn on unless J9 7-8 is connected (V_SUPPLY from USB regulator), in which case the green LED (D5) lights up; but the PC still recognizes nothing.
  • If both J7 and J15 USBs are connected, then D5 light up and D2 lights up dimly. Holding RESET causes both to increase in brightness.


So does it sound like this board is hosed? Or is there something I should do? I've tried removing and replacing the button-cell battery, but I can't think of much other than that.