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How to enable console prints in UART2 in LS2085AQDS board?

Question asked by Pratik Bhatt on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Yiping Wang

Hi, actually i want to use UART2 for some other purpose so i want to check  UART2 interface is working or not for that i want to see console print is coming in UART2 or not.



For enabling the UART2 port I changed the PBL file with modified UART_BASE[384-385] field with binary value '10'. I also changed in U-boot code files './include/configs/ls2085a_common.h' './include/configs/LS2085AQDS_INTPSR.h' from u-boot source. In this files one Macro is define


#define CONFIG_CONS_INDEX       1


I make this Macro value as 2  for initializing the UART2 port using as console. With this modified u-boot image console is not coming in UART1 port but it is not coming in UART2 port also.

So is there any other changes i have to made for making console enable in UART2 ? Please let me know.