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i want to fix direction not north

Question asked by Tim Ronaldo on Nov 4, 2015

Hi. i am user of K64F, sensor fusion.


after some test, i knew that the magnetometer has a slight error to point a north. ( about 8 degree (yaw))


so i want to fix a direction receiving from magnetometer , not real north

(For example, I want to designate the power up direction is north.)


Question 1 :  it is right way to use magnetometer offset compensation? like FXOS8700CQ_Mag_Calibration function in  FXOS8700CQ - Bare metal example project




i tried to test a FXOS8700CQ_Mag_Calibration function

when i push button, OnNMI works and FXOS8700CQ_Mag_Calibration function execute.

but it didn't work. mag raw data was stopped.



Question 2 :  i is problem about timing or I have to redesign a code?


Thank you.