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Issue while appling patch to the android lollipop

Question asked by kishore poojari on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by kishore poojari

Hello All ,

We are downloaded android source from google repository (android-5.0.2_r1) , try to apply IMX6SL patch to it as per the android user guide.

Development PC OS : Ubuntu 14.04


> source /opt/android_L5.0.0_1.0.0-ga_core_source/code/l5.0.0_1.0.0-ga/

> c_patch /opt/android_L5.0.0_1.0.0-ga_core_source/code/l5.0.0_1.0.0-ga



then the following Error is obtained :


Creating NEW gits - external/linux-lib

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/accord/Android_Source/external/linux-lib’: Permission denied

bash: cd: /home/accord/Android_Source/external/linux-lib: No such file or directory

/home/accord/Android_Source/.git: Permission denied

Error! Fail to git init new git from /home/accord/Android_Source/external/linux-lib



If we use sudo permission

>sudo c_patch /opt/android_L5.0.0_1.0.0-ga_core_source/code/l5.0.0_1.0.0-ga



then following Error comes

"sudo: c_patch: command not found "



please help me sort out this issue , guide us how to apply patches to android source.



c_patch function is available (Is verified by using help cmd)



Kishore P