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In which register can I configure GPU3D_SHADER_CLK_ROOT of i.mx6 DL ?

Question asked by Roelof Berg on Nov 3, 2015
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where can I configure GPU3D_SHADER_CLK_ROOT of i.mx6 DL ?


It is introduced in the Processor Reference Manual:


There are two main clocks for the processing control: shader clk for the shader part, and core clk for the remaining part. The core clk and shader clk frequency are programmable in CCM (as the clk frequency for GPU3D_CORE_CLK_ROOT, GPU3D_SHADER_CLK_ROOT).



In CCM_CBCMR one can configure gpu3d_core_clk_sel and gpu2d_core_clk_sel. I assume that gpu3d_core_clk_sel controls GPU3D_CORE_CLK_ROOT, right ? But I haven't found a proper register for GPU3D_SHADER_CLK_ROOT at all ?