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Imx6q Ipu camera NV12 format selection leads to corruption

Question asked by Ananthapadmanaban Gururajan on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by alejandrolozano

Hi All,


We are working with android, In that for encoding purpose NV12 format image is needed from the camera driver. We are facing problems in getting NV12 image from kernel, when image dimension is 1080p and above resolutions from the kernel 3.14.38. But we are able to get perfect image in YUV422 formats in all image dimensions and perfect images in NV12 below 1080p resolutions from driver.


Attached video for corruption reference.

Is there any Ipu color conversion part of code problem with kernel 3.14.38 in NV12 on 1080p and above dimension ?


Camera configuration : 8MP ov8825 mipi camera

Pipeline used in camera driver : CSI -> MEM


Additional information:

With 3.10.53 version of kernel, in that we are able to get perfect NV12, YUYV images from the camera at all dimensions.

With 3.14.38 version of kernel, we are facing problems with NV12 format of image selection from Ipu at 1080p and above resolutions, We are getting corrupted frames from camera driver. With YUV422 we are getting good images from camera driver.


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