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imx6 CSI progressive BT.656 input frame rate issue

Question asked by Tie Liu on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by Tie Liu

Dear all,

I am using TW8836 to convert DTV progressive video into progressive BT.656 signal, and using imx6 CSI to capture it. The TW8836 BT.656 output stream cannot fix the F bit to 0 for progressive BT.656. Instead, the even and odd frames are having F=0 and F=1 respectively. Unfortunately, when I capture this progressive stream in imx6, the CSI can only recognize one particular set of SAV / EAV H/V/F code(either even frame or odd frame). As a result, I can only capture half of the frame rate comparing to my original DTV video.


(For example, for a 60fps video I can only get 30fps captured stream in V4L2, no matter I set IPU_CSI_CCIR_CODE_1 to 0x40010 or 0xD0018, )


Could anybody please kindly teach me, how to program CSI so that the F bit can be ignored?


Thank you,

Best regards