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iMX6s Split-Mode LVDS FDT

Question asked by grim on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by grim

I've been upgrading our system from kernel version 3.10.15 to 3.14.28.


I used to be able to set the display up in drivers/video/mxc/ldb.c but now it looks like it's all handled in the device tree.


We have a 1280X1024 display that's intended to use split-mode LVDS.

I'm able to get the display to run but it's not correct..... the Linux penguin and the console text looks like it's twice as wide as it needs to be.



I'm passing 'ldb=spl0' in the boot args but it doesn't seem to make a difference which 'ldb' mode I specify, the display never seems to change.




Here's my parameters for the display in imx6qdl-sabresd.dtsi (it's just been modified from the default).



&ldb {


    status = "okay";






    /* AUO */


    lvds-channel@0 {


        fsl,data-mapping = "spwg";


        fsl,data-width = <18>;


        status = "okay";




        display-timings {


            native-mode = <&timing0>;


            timing0: hsd100pxn1 {


                clock-frequency = <53995680>;


                hactive = <1280>;


                vactive = <1024>;


                hback-porch = <102>;


                hfront-porch = <100>;


                vback-porch = <20>;


                vfront-porch = <20>;


                hsync-len = <2>;


                vsync-len = <2>;









Could anybody help guide me in the proper direction on this issue?



Thanks in advance!