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How to underclock an iMX6 Quad Sabre Lite board?

Question asked by Francesco Bleve on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by Francesco Bleve

I need to underclock an iMX6 Quad Sabre Lite board down to 800 MHz.


At the moment on this board I'm running Yocto Linux and Android 5.1.1.


For Yocto Linux I read on this forum that is possible to accomplish it modifying the BSP, before building the image, but I didn't find any suggestion on how to do it.

I would be glad if someone could explain me in which way I should modify the BSP.



For Android 5.1.1 instead I'm running a ready made image, built by Boundary Devices (for Android 5.1.1 there is no source code provided).

Could be possible to underclock the board even with a ready made image?

Otherwise I would have to downgrade to Android 5.0 for which they provide the source code and try to underclock that one.

Also in this case, any suggestion on how to do it?