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Use GPIOs in Yocto QT

Question asked by Christian Geiser on Nov 2, 2015

Hey Guys,


First of all sorry for my English its not my native language. Im kind of a newbie in the Embedded Linux / Qt World so I hope my questions are not to stupid.


Im using an embedded Board with an IMX287 CPU and I have a custom designed Yocto(Poky) with Kernel version 3.17 running on it. I used core-image-sato as Image recipe and have also included qt4-embedded on it. I can compile now own QT Programms with bitbake and run them on my yocto build.


Now my question is : Is there an way to control the GPIOs of the IMX287 within my QT Programm(Maybe an library or something similar)? I've read there is an Qt function called "Qprocess" where I can send console commands to control my GPIOs , but this looks like a strange solution for me.


Thx in advance for your help!


greetings Chris