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Which Development board should I use?

Question asked by Munish sharma on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by Saurabh Patel



    I am mentioning my requirement. which board should i use which Fulfil all my requirement.


  1. Dual analog video (CVBS) input ports with parallel operations (BT656 and CSI2).

  2. Micro SD, eMMC , SATA Device for storing data.

  3. Processor IMX6.

  4. Audio in and out interfaces.

  5. Video out interfaces (HDMI)

  6. 5” or 7” LCD interface (Maximum Resolution).

  7. IR Interface for Remote control.

  8. WIFI , Ethernet and for video stemming.

  9. Bluetooth for the control.

  10. Uncompressed video storage.

  11. Rechargeable battery powered.

  12. USB Interface for transferring the data stored in flash in PC/Laptop.

  13. Capacitive Touch screen or keypad interface for control functionality


     do also suggest me if there is an requirement of addition module



     Thanks in Advance



     Munish sharma