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Yocto, i.mx53 and i.mx28 wvga touchscreen

Question asked by Name Surname on Nov 2, 2015

Hi all, I want to build images for i.mx53 QSB (MCIMX53-START-R) with Yocto 1.8 fido. I compiled and successfully runned U-Boot 2015.10-dirty. After that i builded several images with yocto (core-image-minimal, core-image-base) with meta-fsl-arm layer and 4.1 kernel. The system boot properly but neither vga nor lcd daugther card work. The vga send to standby my monitor, instead the lcd show white area and coloured line. I try diffent bootargs from the old version of u-boot, but this does not help. Obviously the original microsd card with ubuntu lucid works fine with correct bootargs for video modes.

Thanks to anyone who can help!