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How to make a USB DFU bootloader for MK22DX256VLF5

Question asked by Shubham Paul on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by Shubham Paul

Hello all,

First I would like to confirm what is a USB DFU bootloader.According to me a USB DFU bootloader is program that provides HID support and shows itself like a Pendrive and whatever code we copy to it is flashed on to the MCU ,am I right?



Now for my next and the primary question How shall I make USB DFU Bootloader.The functionality that I need is


1)Its should show itself as a Mass Storage device and be able to flash the 'flash memory' of MCU when a .s19 or .bin file is copied to it.





2)It should just act as a virtual comport  (just like CMSIS-DAP.s19 bootloader for OpenSDA) and can be detected and programmed in Keil.