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Memory problems with KDS 3.0 and K64

Question asked by Mike Smith on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by Alan Carvalho

Hi, I’m using Kinetis studio 3.0. which I think is wonderful IDE. However I have problem that I hope somebody could help me. In my project I have several arrays and the pretty big, between 1K to 8K of unint8_t and uint16_t. Some of them are local and some are global. Also I have global data for the ISR. I’m developing in a bareboard proyect and I’m using an MK64 with a 1Mb of flash and 256 Kb of RAM. My problem is the next:

I have a global variable called rxUART that contains information for the UART and a FIFO. Also I have an array like this uint16_t pointers [2048]. Everything works ok until I clean the content of pointers, when I do this the values in rxUART goes to zero. It seems like stack stack overflow, however both are global data. The same project works well in code warrior 10.6, so I think I need to configure the memory map for the K64 in the KDS 3.0. Some body can tell how can I do this? I want to use all the memory resource (256K) without heap.