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Programming MK22DX256VLF5 with OPENSDA debug hardware of FRDM25KLZ using Keil (SWD programming)

Question asked by Shubham Paul on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2015 by Shubham Paul


I am trying to program a raw MK22DX256VLF5 with open sda circuitry of my Frdmkl25z board using the SWD port of Opensda using cmsis dap firmware on it.


previously i followed this tutorial to successfully interface and program my frdm 25klz with keil but now i am trying to use the open sda capabilities of frdmkl25z to program other freescale mcus. So i cut the J11 trace on my board and made the required SWD connections (5 wires) from my board to mk22dx256vlf5 after following the above mentioned tutorial (for frdm kl25z )  tried similary but with a different library pack finally in the debug settings my hardware MK22DX256VLF5 is detected .(as shown in the pic below ) but when i try to upload a code it as flash download failed (attached a pic below ). Can anyone of you tell me what am i doing wrong.