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Possible bug in Processor Expert and KDS 3.0?

Question asked by dave408 on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by dave408

This is 100% reproducible for me under KDS 3.0.  If I delete the Generated_Code folder and then click "Generate Processor Expert Code" (for example, if I want to clean up a project because I have removed many components), Processor Expert will create the Generated_Code folder and the SDK sub folder and the operation completes, but it will not create the other source files, like Cpu.h, Cpu.cpp, etc.


Anyone else having this problem?  If I delete only the contents of the Generated_Code folder, it usually hangs when I click the generate code button.  If it hangs on the writing files step, after closing KDS, the files referenced above appear.