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Problem with DMA on PCIe transactions

Question asked by masasi on Oct 29, 2015
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I am trying to use the DMA on the PCIe outbound transactions in order to improve the data transfer speed on a P1012 microprocessor.

I have configured the DMA in direct mode. I create my PCIe output message on a function using a local variable(located in DDR), then I fill the SAR register with a pointer to my local variable and the DAR with the address of my PCIe outbound window. If I write directly on the outbound window without using the DMA, the PCIe communication works fine but when I use the DMA I always get a programming error on my status register.


According to the reference manual, the programming error may be caused by a:

- Transfer started with a byte count of zero(which is not my case)

- Stride transfer started with a stride size of zero( disabled)

- Transfer started with a priority of three

-  Illegal type, defined by SATRn[SREADTTYPE] and DATRn[DWRITETTYPE], used for the transfer. (I check all the possible value combinations for SATR and DATR and none of them worked).


What does the "Transfer started with a priority of three" means? How can I check that? Does anyone can help find found out what I am doing wrong?

Here is my code:


static void dma_sync(void) {

     asm("sync; isync; msync");



static uint dma_check(void) {

     volatile fsl_dma_t *dma = 0xff721100;

     volatile uint status = dma->sr;

     /* While the channel is busy, spin */

     while (status & 4) status = dma->sr;

      /* clear MR[CS] channel start bit */

     dma->mr &= 1; dma_sync();

     if (status != 0)

          printf ("DMA Error: status = %x\n", status);

     return status;



void LibInitDMA(void) {

     volatile fsl_dma_t *dma= 0xff721100;

     //Confirm proper initialization



          printf("Error configuring DMA...\n");


     dma->satr = 0x00040000;

     dma->datr = 0x00040000;



void LibSendDMA(int src_add, int dst_addr, int size)


     volatile fsl_dma_t *dma= 0xff721100;

     //Poll the channel state to confirm that the DMA channel 0 is idle


     //Initialize source and destination transfer

     //Initialize SAR0


     //Initialize DAR0


     //Set data size to transfer


     /* Disable bandwidth control, use direct transfer mode */

     dma->mr = 0xf000004;


     /* Start the transfer */

     dma->mr = 0xf000005;


     return dma_check();



Thank you very much for your help