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New to KwikStick... Need Urgent Help with basically everything... :(

Question asked by Prafful Sagar jhawer on Oct 29, 2015
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Hi Every1,

I'm an electronics engg fresher with almost no knowledge on High level embedded programming. My company wants me to program a kinetis K series MC (MK10DX64VLH5). For the same they have provided me with a Kinetis Kwikstick to try and reprogram it with a basic application to get started. Going through many videos/documents/dicussions and links for the same, I have been trying to reprogram the KwikStick but have no had success yet.

I'm using KDS_3.0.0 and installed a patch for kwikstik namely KDSK_1.3.0


The first and foremost thing making me nuts are the following errors:


Error 1:

**** Build of configuration MK40X256VMD100_INTERNAL_RAM for project LCD_Example ****



Nothing to build for project LCD_Example


Error 2:



I've downloaded thw LCD_example provided in the discussion:

KWIKSTIK K40 Getting Started


I've made sure that i connected the Kwikstik using J-link connector only and also I have setup the debug configurations as suggested in GDB Debugging with Kinetis Design Studio


Still there's no success... Someone plz help me ASAP.... I have deadlines to be met...


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