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FRDM-SFUSION programming as serial data

Question asked by Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Idaho on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by isaacavila

Hi I am doing a project using the FRDM-SFUSION kit with a k64f MCU. I am currently having two problems and am hoping someone can offer some help.


First, I am having problems getting serial data out from the board. When I first plugged it in I opened up a console (using PUTTY) and remember seeing data being fed out through the serial port. Since then I have changed to the Freescale 5.0 Library and added some of my own, though fairly minor, code. The project builds and actually works as expected, so I can't see why my code would mess with the serial output. When I open the console now I only get dots. A professor told me this could mean PUTTY is receiving data that it can't interpret, or that I might have configuration errors with PUTTY itself. I am looking into this to see if there is a problem on my end, but can anyone think of something else that could be going wrong?


Second is that, once I am able to get this data out, I want to be able to do some simple things to be able to store that data. I am currently grabbing acceleration values in a ENU coordinates and will eventually be using them for some calculations. I simply want to print this data so I can make some graphs with it. I am getting errors when trying to include libraries like stdio. I thought this might be included in the freescale libraries, but I also can't build the project if I try to use a printf function. I feel like what I am doing wrong is glaringly obvious, but sometimes it takes another person to look at something and see that. Any thoughts?