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How to use K60 printf() function ?

Question asked by Dao Yan Lim on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by Dao Yan Lim

I would like to use the printf() function in a new bareboard project. I included the necessary files: (ConsoleIO.c, ConsoleIO.h, PDD_Types.h, and UART_PDD.h). My project builds successfully but when it was run in debug, it keeps getting suspended by some interrupt handler, shown in screenshot below:


Updated 10/29/2015:

ZhangJennie: Can't seem to reply to your post...

Anyway, thanks for responding, but this article How to use printf() to print string to Console and UART in KDS2.0  didn't help... ConsoleIO.c already has all the write and read functions written.


Any other ways to troubleshoot this without PE or using the example projects?