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CW8/DemoBoard56F8357/ProcessorExpert - BootLoader Problem

Discussion created by Fernando Silva on Feb 1, 2008
Latest reply on May 26, 2013 by Fiona Kuang
Hi all,
I having great problem with SCI BootLoader. I debug example BootLoader of codewarrior in 56F8357 BootLoader memory and debug my aplication 1 in ldm pROm-xRAM memory. Mine application 1blink one led, this application have ldm settings set to generate S-Record file, format DOS e length 252 (I using windows XP), in build options i set Serial Bootloader Suport - yes and time 10s. My application one is run, i reset the DSP and open the sREC program and send my application 2, to blink other led. My application 2 is send in 2703 ms, waiting any time or reset the dsp and my application two is not run, only application one is run, ever after 10 seconds. Never is application 2. I don't understading? The correct is application 2 occuper the memory location  of application one and RUN. What's problem?

Coonfiguration of application 2 is:
ldm pROM-xRAM
S-Record file, format DOS and length 252
DISABLE serial BootLoader suuport

Thank's for help-me