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Imx6sl BT audio streaming initial noise issue

Question asked by raj27 on Oct 28, 2015
Hi All,



We are using sgtl5000 audio codec with imx6sl processor,which has the wl1831 (WLAN/BT) module.We are using existing codec drivers available in kernel 3.10.17 of yocto 1.6 along with bluez4.101 package.


Using A2DP profile for BT and able to stream music from mobile to the Headset and LINE OUT


But facing 4-5 sec glitches at the start of music,and we probed and observed the patterns on CRO but didn't find any noise patterns,seems some buffering issue.After 4-5 sec audio streaming is happening very smoothly.


Mobile music player -----------> IMX(BT A2DP profile) ----------> SGTL5000 Audio codec ----------------->LINE OUT---------> Power D-Amplifier------> Speaker




                                                                                                       |-----------> Headset

In dts file following are the configurations for the BT uart


  kim {
        compatible = "kim";
        nshutdown_gpio = <51>;  /* BT Enable GPIO, GPIO2_IO19*/
        dev_name = "/dev/ttymxc3";  /* UART4 */
        flow_cntrl = <1>;
        baud_rate = <3000000>;



Any one facing this kind of issue,or am i missing some configuration part, can any one please suggest?