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Zigbee Cluster Library,Network Rejoining with Non Volatile Memory?

Question asked by Manuel Baez on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez

Good Morning,


I'm working on a dimmable lamp, i've used a beekit preset and it works but i have a problem with the network rejoin.

What i want to do is make it remember the previous network, in way that  when  power out the lamp, once the power is back, it automatically  rejoin into the network.

I've seen that the beekit preset have a section in the code dedicated to storage data in the  NVM, but i  don't know how to use it.

So want to know is which data I need to storage in the NVM and how i do it , to make a network rejoin?.


The microcontroller i’m using is MC13237CHT.


Best regards,

Manuel Báez