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OTA Programming for MKW21D256

Question asked by roybenshlomo on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by roybenshlomo


I am trying to implement an OTA upgrade based on the sample project names OTA Programming Demo.

Because this is an MKW21D256 and I don't have an external EEPROM component on my board, I am using the internal flash as EEPROM.

I was able to write the entire image to the internal storage (I can see this because I read-back the entire content of the image via UART to file and compare to the source and they are identical).

After I reset the device it just freezes, does'nt boot back (I need to re-flash it using JTAG).


My questions are:

1. Is this feature (OTAP using internal flash) supported by MKW21D256?

2. What should be the value of the sector bitmap that is written to the flash?

3. What file generated by IAR (bin/out/srec) should be loaded with this procedure?


Any help will be greatly appreciated,